28 Posti, laboratory of culinary experiences

bistronomy - unusual
28 Posti, laboratory of culinary experiences

Only a few steps away from Milan's canals, Marco Ambrosino successfully strings together a series of gastronomic experiences in his bistro-looking restaurant, 28 Posti.

In Milan, restaurant 28 Posti offers 28 seats – thus its name. However, comes sunshine and terrace seating blows that number high. The small number of rustic wooden tables juxtaposed with exposed and unadorned walls gives this bistro a somewhat confidential side. From the picture windows, you can catch a glimpse of Marco Ambrosino working his magic in the open kitchen. Far from traditional Italian gastronomy one may have in mind due to the slightly classical feel of the place, the creativity of the young chef borders on chemistry: smoky dishes, seaweed, fermented foods… One-of-a-kind ingredients always strike his curiosity and rapidly become staples for his experiences. Always looking for a challenge, Marco Ambrosino knows no rest and keeps food lovers surprised. The five, eight or ten-course menus change every two months, unveiling strange combinations that may seem odd on paper but undoubtedly win all contests when you try them… Booking is more than recommended, for this culinary laboratory is a major sell-out.

28 Posti
Via Corsico 1
20144 Milano

+39 02 839 2377


Menu: around 56 EUR