A day at the Prado

A day at the Prado

Bosch, Rubens, El Greco, Velázquez, Goya, Cranach: this is one of the most impressive art collections in the world.

Housed in a neoclassical building designed by Juan de Villanueva in 1785, the Prado Museum, open to the public since 1819, has one of the most impressive art collections in the world. There are more than 7,800 pieces in the permanent collection.

Among the 1,300 works on display are priceless treasures of the 16th to the 19th centuries, including a wide panorama of Flemish, Spanish, French, Italian, and German paintings, collected by the Habsburgs and the Bourbons and passed on to the Spanish state after the fall of Elizabeth II of Spain in 1868.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of these masterpieces by Titian, Caravaggio, Bosch, Rubens, Brueghel the Elder, Rembrandt, Poussin, Watteau, Boucher, Dürer, Cranach, and Gainsborough. These are grouped around the Spanish art collection, which contains 3,700 works, including the most comprehensive collections of El Greco, Velázquez, and Goya. In its 42,000 square metres, the Prado also houses collections of prints and drawings, over a thousand sculptures, and countless works of art.

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