A getaway to Sardinia

A getaway to Sardinia

Corsica's Sardinian cousin is just ‘a swim' away!

Twenty kilometres separate Bonifacio, in the extreme south of Corsica, from Santa Teresa di Gallura, in Sardinia.

It takes about an hour to reach the Italian island, which has much in common with Corsica: a very similar language, a magnificent coastline, and a passion for patriotism and, in fine weather, the coast of Sardinia is visible from “the island of beauty”. A small resort, Santa Teresa di Gallura is charming with its checkerboard streets, beautiful churches, and quiet port.

The Spanish tower offers a panoramic view of the whole area. Here you can taste a zuppa gallurese, a delicious peasant soup made with bread, meat, and cheese, which is the culinary specialty of the region. A little touch of Italian on your Corsican holiday will only add to the happiness of your trip.

Santa Teresa di Gallura
07028 Sardegna