A moment in nature at the Copenhagen Botanical Garden

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A moment in nature at the Copenhagen Botanical Garden

In the heart of the city, stroll through the Copenhagen Botanical Garden, a favourite spot for nature lovers.

Discover a park with a thousand and one colours: 13,000 species are divided into different categories, including local plants, perennials and annuals. Several gardens offer varied landscapes dotted with alpine flowers from central and southern Europe, as well as conifers. See daisies in a new light—these flowers are emblematic of the region—while breathing in the peppery scent of majestic fir trees. Cross into a more rocky setting overflowing with rhododendrons, where water-lily covered pools welcome ducks and turtles.

Then enter one of the 27 greenhouses of the complex. In one area are Arctic plants under an air-conditioned dome and in another, palm trees, cacti, succulents and orchids await. You can pass in one second from the tundra to the heat of the tropics. The central dome of these winter gardens is 16 metres high. There are also more than two million specimens of dried plants used by researchers at the Botanical Museum.

Jardin botanique de Copenhague
Øster Farimagsgade 2C
1353 Copenhague

Tel : +45 35 32 22 22