A thousand years of history at the Prague Castle

A thousand years of history at the Prague Castle

Behind its austere facade, Prague Castle encircles a vast collection of churches, palaces, and gardens, which tell the story of Czech political and religious history.

The Castle is Prague's essential historical monument. By turns a stately, royal, and then imperial residence, today it holds the official residence of the Czech President. Václav Havel had several hares released on the grounds in order ‘to add a little life.'

At the heart of the castle complex is the lavish, Gothic Saint Vitus Cathedral which required five centuries to construct and, as a result, has a Renaissance gallery, a Baroque dome, and sections of stained glass designed by Alphonse Mucha. Prague Castle also boasts Saint George's Basilica which holds some of the most beautiful Roman ruins in the capital.

Sprawling over 70,000 square metres, the castle is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A walk in the gardens during the summer is not to be missed, along with a visit to the old royal palace (1502) which blends flamboyant Gothic and early Renaissance elements.

Prague Castle
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