A walk on the banks of Castlefield canals

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A walk on the banks of Castlefield canals

A genuine piece of history in the heart of the city, Castlefield Basin surrounds monuments that trace Manchester's evolution, but also Northern England's as a whole.

Wandering around Castlefield canals feels like living through Manchester's past. Today a calm and residential area, the neighbourhood is the city's historic embryo. As you explore this vast nature reserve, you will discover remnants of Roman occupation, in what was then the Britannia province: the Mamucium, an authentic 1st century AD fort, as well as an amphitheatre located on the riverbank, still used as a concert venue during the summer season.

Cross the Victorian viaduct, built in the late 19th century, and admire the “marks” of Manchester's industrial heritage: old cotton warehouses, renovated and turned into office spaces and hipster bars, coal depots, period canal locks used to pass cargo ships… Walking along the boathouses moored under centuries-old bridges, you will also come across street art frescoes that heighten the post-industrial feel that reigns in Castlefield.

Castlefield Basin
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