Atrevo, for the love of fine food

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Atrevo, for the love of fine food

In Portuguese, atrevo means “to dare”: and staking everything on locally-sourced food, sustainability and sharing is daring indeed.

After a visit to the Igreja de Santo Ildefonso - a stunning 18th-century church covered in 11,000 azulejos - just 600m along the road you will find yet another of Porto's wonders, this time focused on fine dining.

It sits on a quiet cobbled street in the Bonfim district, away from the hustle and bustle of the traditional tourist trails. Although only recently established, it is here that young chef Tânia Durão has begun sharing her passion for family food and seasonal produce through a daringly modern and innovative menu.

Speak to Tânia, and she is quick to sing the praises of her regular suppliers - people like José, whose produce is so delicious it could have come out of your grandmother's garden.

At Atrevo, each set menu consists of five or eight ‘moments', each of which showcases a key ingredient in a modern and inventive way. You may, for example, get to sample senhorita Tânia's take on flaky brioche, or scorpion fish with lemon verbena. If you see it on the menu, do not miss the chance to try one of her favourite creations: mushrooms with truffle and egg yolk! One last tip is to make sure to book your table in advance - this spot is exceedingly popular with locals.

Atrevo Restaurante
Rua Morgado de Mateus 49
4000-333 Porto

+351 96 822 6456

Menu: around 45 EUR