Bullion, a chic brewery all in gold

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Bullion, a chic brewery all in gold

The new address of starred chef Bruno Davaillon is the talk of the town, thanks to the artistry of his bistronomy.

You will first be struck by the setting: the restaurant is floating like a mezzanine on the ground floor of the 400 Record Building, in the shape of a gold ingot and with gold tile “scales”. Surprising yet logical, since the colour gold here refers to the coat of arms of Claude de Bullion, minister to the King of France Louis XIII. Brass, dark wood, leather and velvet bench seats recall the chic of French restaurants, both relaxed and sophisticated. Chef Bruno Davaillon's objective was to revisit the classics but to make them both lighter and more affordable. He wants his ingredients to stand out and have guests enjoy French food the way he would eat it.
Whether you choose lobster quenelles, buffalo stew, or cassoulet with lobster, the chef offers you the best of bistronomy. Impeccable service with just the right touch—in short, golden cuisine in the heart of Dallas.

400 S Record Street
Dallas, TX 75202

+1 972 698 4250


Menu: about 45 USD