Cantina 32, trendy stop on Rua das Flores

Cantina 32, trendy stop on Rua das Flores

Located along this historical alley in Porto, in a former perfume factory, Cantina 32's trendy setting and cuisine are all the rage.

If you happen to walk around Rua das Flores, Porto's colourful historical alley, you have to stop by Cantina 32. The front of this former perfume factory is unmissable, with its green gate and blue mosaic tiles on the facade. Inside, you will notice that the industrial look, grey walls and wooden structure have all been retained. A few vintage elements, like an old typewriter here, or an old bike hanging there, add an extra something to the décor. Just like a canteen, you will sit at large shared tables. Feeling puckish or truly hungry? Want to share or eat it all? All choices will be met. Take a look at the menu of this trendy bistro, with blood sausage and apples, tuna steak with pineapple, sesame seeds, and coriander, or even a whole octopus. End the meal with an Oreo cheesecake displayed in a flowerpot topped with a sprout, like a blossoming seed. At night, the retro decoration and big Edison lightbulbs hanging around contribute to the warm feeling. You can stay and chat with friends for hours on.

Cantina 32
Rua das Flores 32
4050-262 Porto

+351 22 203 9069

Menu: around 13 EUR