Canyoning in a marvellous place

Canyoning in a marvellous place

Volcanic earth on steep terrain, Réunion Island floats peacefully on the Indian Ocean. Discover the canyoning sites that set the heart of the island racing... and will do the same for you.

Sites with such poetic names like 'Fleur Jaune' (Yellow Flower) and 'Bras Rouge' (Red Arm) are exceptional sites on Réunion Island. If you are passionate about hiking, climbing, mountaineering or swimming in wild ocean waters, come and see the savage beauty of the island. For more than 20 years, Philippe Mothère has shared his love of canyoning with thrill seekers. He guides Reunion Islanders and tourists alike on aquatic, land and air courses, half a day or a whole day, depending on the level of each.

Dressed in a Neoprene suit, you will rappel in the Cirque de Cilaos waterfall and slide on volcanic rock slides in a series of perfectly carved basins. You walk between the reddish flows of a prodigious landscape, jump into the void with delicious apprehension, and walk along bridges dozens of metres above the ground.

Canyoning La Réunion
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97413 Cilaos

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