Casanera, beauty Made in Maquis

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Casanera, beauty Made in Maquis

The Isle of Beauty is a source of inspiration for Casanera, which products benefit from a flora with precious dermatological virtues.

For over three generations, the Ceccaldi family have established a valuable herbarium of plants from the maquis.

In 2010, Marie Ceccaldi developed a luxurious range of facials and body treatments. Ethically prepared, these handpicked plant-based cosmetic products respect ancestral know-how and the methodical distillation of essential oils produced in Balagne.

Taking the form of creams, soaps, candles, water, and ambient scents, you will be enthralled by this refined universe. This sophisticated range of products may also be found in the sumptuous La Signoria Spa in Calvi.

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