Cittamani, elegant and modern Indian cuisine

Cittamani, elegant and modern Indian cuisine

Indian chef Ritu Dalmia set up home in Milan's chic Brera district, reinventing the cuisine of her childhood.

Far from the busy and folkloric decoration of many traditional Indian restaurants, Cittamani has positioned itself on wavelength shared by its neighbourhood: chic, refined and keen on contemporary design. It is run by Ritu Dalmia, a great star of gastronomy in India. After the successful launch of a restaurant chain in her native country, the chef has now endeavoured to conquer Italy, with Milan as a starting point.

Ritu Dalmia reveals an Indian cuisine as rich as its décor, cooked with the extensive use of Lombard products, and she steers clear of curry-based dishes as much as possible, as she is not fond of the spice. Must-try naans are presented with a twist: pork confit, pumpkin or sweet potato. The tandoori gets rid of the traditional chicken in favour of roasted cauliflowers, and the masala spices up octopus, served with carrots in fenugreek and grilled lemon. This blast of flavours gives Cittamani its identity: the name derives from Sanskrit, evoking a tantric link at once sensual and emotional, mankind and nature being united during the tasting of a dish.

Piazza Carlo Mirabello 5
20121 Milano

+39 02 3824 0935

Menu: around 39 EUR