Climb up the Pennines by foot or bike

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Climb up the Pennines by foot or bike

The famous mountain chain offers a large variety of nature reserves and constitutes a terrific playground for all athletes.

The Pennines mountain chain, nicknamed “England's spine”, starts in the Peak District, about 60 kilometres from Manchester, to end at the Scottish border. It is a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Real adventurers will set out to trek the “Pennine Way”, across 430 kilometres of rugged terrain for three weeks. For one-day hikes, head to the town of Edale, about an hour from Manchester, and access the Kinder Scout, one of the most famous summits in the Pennines. During the outing, which lasts about four hours, you can take a break by the Kinder Downfall, where the Kinder River forms a waterfall. A gorgeous sight! As for bike enthusiasts, a circuit runs through Rivington Pike, in the western part of the Pennines. Over thirty kilometres of cycle lanes, you will enjoy unobstructed views from the top of the needle.

Kinder Scout
High Peak S33 7ZJ

Rivington Pike
Bolton BL6 6RU