Coda Dessert Dining's gastronomic delicacies

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Coda Dessert Dining's gastronomic delicacies

Food lovers always dreamt of a pastry-only meal, and Coda made it a reality. This starred dessert restaurant in Berlin reveals a creative take in which sugar is not an issue.

Also called “Little Istanbul”, the cosmopolitan and lively Neukölln district is known to shelter many of Berlin's most rousing addresses. With Coda, it remains true to that fact, as this atypical restaurant is entirely devoted to dessert serving. In the kitchen, pastry chef René Frank created a menu of delicacies, sometimes up to seven courses. The house mixologist will pair each dish with creation cocktails. Forget what you think you know about desserts, as eating at Coda Dessert Dining is neither sickly-sweet nor bad for the health, all desserts being sugar-free, and usually quite low in calories. The procession of flavours organized by René Frank is based on the original taste of fruits and vegetables. For instance, the eggplant-based dessert adds pecan nut, apple and balsamic vinegar, and the rhubarb one is mixed with tofu and tarragon. This melting pot is so engaging that Coda was even awarded a Michelin star for its innovative cuisine and exceptional savoir-faire.

Coda Dessert Dining
Friedelstraße 47
12047 Berlin

+49 (0)30 914 963 96

Menu: from 54 EUR