Crispy Mafya, an ode to fried chicken

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Crispy Mafya, an ode to fried chicken

In between bars of Lisbon's trendy Príncipe Real, Crispy Mafya draws from New Orleans street food: fried chicken is king.

At the crossroad of cultures, Crispy Mafya set up home amid Lisbon's Príncipe Real, one of the trendiest neighbourhoods of the capital with its designer, fashion, and home decoration boutiques. It is also famous for its nightlife.

Initiated by two French brothers who drew from New Orleans street food, it makes fried chicken the main and recurring ingredient of all dishes on the menu. Farm raised in the Alentejo region south of Lisbon, it is then fried and served in a range of different recipes: wings, burgers, in a cone (the Chiken'N Kone is already a classic) and even with homemade waffles.

Just like the chicken, the rest of the ingredients used at Crispy Mafya is local, and most everything is made on the spot, including sauces. Denizens of the area usually order their tenders as takeaway, best enjoyed under the cedar trees of the Príncipe Real garden located a few metres away from the restaurant. Alternately, they take a seat at one of the tables for lunch, and share a few chicken wings and a cocktail in an atmosphere suffused with hip hop.

Crispy Mafya
Rua Cecílio de Sousa 85
1200-100 Lisboa

+351 21 400 3108

Menu: around 19 EUR