Dalwhinnie: the highest distillery in Scotland

Dalwhinnie: the highest distillery in Scotland

In the land of whisky, it is impossible not to visit a distillery. This one is at once one of the oldest and most typical.

Leave Edinburgh and drive up the A9. Once you go by Drumochter Pass, often snowy even in Summer, the distillery appears all dressed in white, seemingly floating over a tawny mattress. During the Victorian era, distilleries were built in the most remote parts of Scotland. Here, at 300 metres above the sea level, you are steeped in an impressive landscape of grey mountains. The building itself has remained as it has ever been since its creation in 1897. The wash backs are made of wood and the stills are in copper.
It produces only one, 15 years old, single malt that reflects its unique character. The honey flavour comes from clear spring water and the floral flavours from the heather it lies on. It is a bit dry, just like the climate. And of course, whisky lovers and amateurs alike will appreciate the tasting organised after the visit.

Dalwhinnie Distillery
Inverness-shire, PH 19 1 AB

+44 1540 67 2219