Dry pairs high-end pizzas and cocktails

cocktail bar - pizzeria
Dry pairs high-end pizzas and cocktails

Two steps away from the Republic Square in Milan, Dry's concept blends a hip bar with a trendy pizzeria.

Pizza or cocktail tonight? In Milan, it is possible to combine the two! In the fashionable Porta Venezia neighbourhood, Dry is hiding in an historical building. Inside, the industrial style and contemporary minimalist decoration are in stark contrast with the bourgeois facade. On the ceilings, light bulbs attached to a metallic structure reveal an intimate atmosphere. As for its name, it derives from a reference to the American Prohibition when throats where "drying out".
The aperitivo being a national tradition, various addresses nearby offer drinks and antipasti combos. However, Dry's concept stands out with a bet on sheer quality: professional mixologists will prepare your drink - to be enjoyed in moderation - as the chef takes good care of your meal in the kitchen. Order a Life (gin-based cocktail with Tonka and banana liquors, lemon, almond syrup and egg white) or a Walk (whisky, agave, lime, rosemary herbal tea in the style of Japanese plum liquor, vermouth) to pair with a signature pizza. This pizza-cocktail mix is being so popular in Milan that it inspires others.

Dry Milano
Viale Vittorio Veneto 28
20124 Milano

+39 02 6347 1564


Menu: pizza from 5 EUR, cocktail from 12 EUR