Dublin Writers Museum: an overview of Irish literary heritage

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Dublin Writers Museum: an overview of Irish literary heritage

‘When I die Dublin will be written in my heart.' James Joyce's touching words illustrate the intimate relationship the greatest Irish writers have always maintained with their capital.

Dublin has honoured its writers by erecting an intimate museum in their memory, located right in the city's heart, literally and figuratively. You will discover, or rediscover, here, in a more private way, the life of the great prose writers of Irish history through a large collection of artefacts that belonged to them: various personal items such as James Joyce's piano, as well as confidential letters, portraits, and manuscripts, such as a first edition of Dracula. Visitors can't touch, but reading is highly recommended! Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett… the exhibition dwells on each of these figures in chronological order, organised by literary movement. Constant recontextualising ensures continuity and the understanding of these authors and their works. Note that the museum has a small stage where you can enjoy, nourished by your newly acquired knowledge, eloquent and enchanting readings of the most beautiful, incantatory prose that Irish writers have created.

Dublin Writers Museum
Rotunda District
18-19 Parnell Square North
Dublin 1

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