El Pacifico, gastronomic one way to Mexico

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El Pacifico, gastronomic one way to Mexico

A real must while in town, Frankfurt's oldest Mexican restaurant looks like a traditional cantina in every way.

On a yellow wall behind a few wooden tables, Frida Kahlo gives visitors her now famously mysterious stare. Several portraits of the Mexican artist take up the wall space in this Frankfurt cantina. With its red and white facade and walls adorned with Aztec symbols, El Pacifico seems to have been purely and simply transported from Mexico. Every single detail has been thought out to make it look like an authentic corner of Central America: decoration, terrace arrangement, music… even the salt shakers are inspired from Mexican taverns. For pre-dinner drinks, ice margaritas – house speciality –, daiquiris and tequila sunrise cocktails – all to be enjoyed in moderation – cover the various tables of friends. The menu displays traditional gastronomy directly linked to El Pacifico's caliente atmosphere including fajitas, enchiladas, burritos, tacos, tortillas, guacamole and churro-based desserts…From Frankfurt, let your five senses explore Mexican culture in a refreshing change of scenery.

El Pacifico
Sandweg 79
60316 Frankfurt am Main

+49 (0)69 446 988


Menu: around 23.50 EUR