Elnecot, industrial legacy

trendy - tapas
Elnecot, industrial legacy

In Ancoats, Manchester's new trendy neighbourhood, the Elnecot restaurant highlights British-styled tapas.

The establishment makes a case for its roots and the city's glorious past. In Manchester, the Elnecot restaurant displays a distinctive industrial decor, complete with pallet racks used as tables, concrete walls and retro lighting. The hype-bistro-style is totally played upon, from the visual signature to the atmosphere and the menu.

Sitting on orange bench seats, food lovers share British tapas. Take your pick among a series of small modernised traditional recipes with undertones of world cuisine: pork belly is now cooked with Korean kimchi and mushrooms find their way to your plate in Sicilian arancini. Order some braised beef cheeks in beer, Jerusalem artichokes in pesto sauce as well as spicy duck wings confit. Pair your selection with an ale, malt whisky or wine from around the world. At night, cocktails served at the bar – to be enjoyed in moderation – are once again paired with tapas. Their names hark back to the history of the place, for instance The Industrial Revolution blends gin and triple sec, or the 1212, a cocktail that references the year when the first occurrence of the name “Elnecot” has been found in the city archives.

41 Blossom Street
Cutting Room Square
Manchester M4 6AJ

+44 741 257 4324


Menu: around 13 GBP