Estimar, for the love of the sea

Estimar, for the love of the sea

Gourmets and food lovers hurry in to try Estimar's cuisine fresh from the sea. In the cheerful and lively room, shellfish and crustaceans enter the scene under the leadership of famous chef Zafra.

The whole spirit of the restaurant is concentrated in its name: Estimar (meaning "to value") loves the sea ("mar" in Spanish), celebrating the alliance of respect and love for the products of the nearby Mediterranean. From the kitchen, Andalusian chef Rafael Zafra, previously learning at Catalan restaurant El Bulli from Ferran Adrià, regarded as one of the very best chefs in the world, offers a seasonal menu according to different cooking methods. Whether cured, steamed, grilled or in a marinade, fish, shellfish and crustaceans are deliciously enhanced.
The splendour of the slipper lobster carpaccio with grilled onions competes with the langoustine, lightly seared in steamed seaweed. Meat lovers will revel in the "without fishbones" section of the menu, with delicious slices of ham - Iberian, of course - and Japanese wagyu beef. To finish in style, choose the tangerine cheesecake, a tribute to the country of citrus!

Carrer de Sant Antoni dels Sombrerers 3
08003 Barcelona

+34 932 689 197

Menu: from 80 EUR