Explore the diversity of Indian cuisine at My Shanti

Explore the diversity of Indian cuisine at My Shanti

Discover real Indian cuisine not far from Vancouver.

My Shanti is located in Surrey, in the suburbs south of Vancouver, but Vikram Vij, who owns a posh downtown address (Vij's), also manages to attract the Vancouver elite to this restaurant, whose facade is delicately covered with mirror shards. Inside, the main dining room displays shimmering tapestries, giving you the impression of entering a Maharaja's palace. The menu is obviously an invitation to travel. The subcontinent has not one but several cuisines, and it is this diversity that the chef honours.

He draws on his travels in each place to summon the best of each state: grilled Delhi eggplant, Bombay sweet and sour shrimp, fish fritters spiced as in Goa, chicken fried with spices (biryani) worthy of the best restaurants in Hyderabad, braised lamb and curry flavoured with cardamom and fenugreek from Kashmir. The senses travel with these dishes, which are well worth the trip to South Surrey.

My Shanti by Vikram Vij
15869 Croydon Dr
Surrey, BC V3S 0G2

+1 604 560 4416


Menu: around 25 CAD