Fazenda, for the love of meat

meat – gastronomic buffet
Fazenda, for the love of meat

Located in the fast-growing New Town district, Fazenda blends carnivorous gastronomy with convivial spirit for a sophisticated experience.

Brazilian gauchos turned barbecued grilled meat into an art of itself. Inherited from the fancy rodizios (all-you-can-eat buffets) of Sao Paulo's region, this tradition takes the form of the best 15 meats and cuts (beef, pork, chicken, lamb…), all available to your heart's content. Your choice will be barbecued in prime churrascaria style, later cut right at the table in front of you.

The decoration will take you right into the restaurant's atmosphere and fosters sharing and conviviality. The bar located near the entrance, as well as the large dining room with high ceilings and industrial chic style boast of sophistication quite often missing from all-you-can-eat buffets.

As a warmup, take a trip to the salad bar (stuffed peppers, onions with balsamic vinegar, a Brazilian stew, several kinds of rice, pita bread…), however you should keep some room for the most important part of the meal! The menu's seductive powers are actually bolstered by pairings with the very best Brazilian and Argentinean wines available.

102 George Street
Edinburgh EH2 3DF

+44 131 215 1234


Menu: lunch from 18.50 GBP