First Thursdays, the new Saturday night

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First Thursdays, the new Saturday night

Once a month in Cape Town, weekends start on Thursday with this festive cultural tour of the city.

Do as the locals do and head out on the town the first Thursday of the month. Art galleries, cultural sites, and design studios are open until 9:00 p.m. or later. Cape Towners gather ideas, drink up emotions, and love to run into each other. It's a pretext to get together and enjoy a night out.

The organisers offer a selection of places and events, close enough to each other that one can wander from one to the other on foot. It is still recommended to check them online beforehand. Bree and Church streets are often included, though areas from anywhere in the city can be highlighted at any time.

From food trucks to good restaurants, accompanied by performances or concerts, a lively ambiance is the only constant. Initially started in London by the Whitechapel Gallery, First Thursdays offer an occasion to discover a selection of galleries handpicked in advance, as well as to re-appropriate the public space, a great step for this city.