Giulia Materia: the beautiful art of recycling paper

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Giulia Materia: the beautiful art of recycling paper

This young designer revives one of the oldest Florentine crafts, stationery, using the techniques of old and recycled paper, to create beautiful books and objects.

In her workshop-boutique 20 m from Palazzo Pitti, the young Giulia became famous for her technique of bookbinding and printing on paper. Inspired by the tradition of Florentine stationery, Giulia lets her imagination run wild, reproducing in paper the lozenges and gilding seen everywhere in Florence. She invents playful patterns, customises vintage wallpapers and tapestries from Germany or scavenged in Italy, which she reworks with the tip of her brush.

Her workspace is a work of art in itself: a countertop recuperated from a Rimini hotel, lamps and armchairs from the 1960s… With recycled paper she creates objects that children and grownups adore. Among the bric-a-brac, you can unearth travel diaries, old and new postcards, and beribboned computer and iPad pouches. Brimming with creativity, she also launched a handmade clothing line (blouses, long and short skirts, sweatshirts…) easy to recognise with its simple, colourful and meticulous style.

Giulia Materia
Sdrucciolo de' Pitti 13r
50125 Firenze

+39 055 975 3975