High-end culinary fusion at Finch Bay Restaurant

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High-end culinary fusion at Finch Bay Restaurant

On Santa Cruz island in the Galápagos, the restaurant of the Finch Bay Hotel is considered as one of the best throughout the archipelago, with modern Ecuadorian cuisine and international flavours.

The Playa de Los Alemanes (“Beach of the Germans”) spreads in the distance, true beauty of the Santa Cruz island in the Galápagos, and exceptional panorama on view from the dining room of Finch Bay's restaurant. Besides the sound of the crashing waves, only the appetizing smell of dishes being served will interrupt your daydreaming. First and foremost based on seafood specialities, the menu blends Ecuadorian flavours and international recipes. In the kitchen, chef Emilio Dalmau only uses fresh and often organic products, sometimes even grown in the backyard of the restaurant. There will be something for everyone: seafood risotto, Ecuadorian chicken breasts and even some vegetarian options like vegetable and plantain lasagna. As for the mixed ceviche combining octopus, shrimp and fish, there is no better representative of marine flavours.

Finch Bay Restaurant
Barrio Punta Estrada s/n
Playa de Los Alemanes
Isla Santa Cruz 200350

+593 (0)5 252 6297


Menu: around 65 USD