Dream in the Radiant City at Hôtel le Corbusier

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Dream in the Radiant City at Hôtel le Corbusier

Stay at Le Corbusier for a vintage experience in a UNESCO World Heritage listed building.

At the heart of the "Radiant City" by Le Corbusier, this hotel offers an unusual experience. The third and fourth floors of this multi-coloured structure contain 21 rooms decorated in a vintage style, respecting the 1950s aesthetics of this listed building. The hotel really endeavours to recapture the spirit and lustre of yesteryears. In a beautiful harmony of noble wood, metal, and marble, each room reflects the simplicity of Le Corbusier design.

Guests of the hotel will benefit from the architect's well thought out structures, including a 40-seat cinema, jogging track, outdoor pool, tennis court in the park, and auditorium on the outstanding 9th floor terrace. Le Corbusier building was listed to the UNESCO World Heritage in 2016, which actually makes it the one and only hotel of its kind in Marseille.

Hôtel le Corbusier
280 boulevard Michelet
13008 Marseille

+33 (0)4 28 31 39 22


Rooms: from 71 EUR