Hotel Nacional de Cuba: history, fame, and pleasure

Hotel Nacional de Cuba: history, fame, and pleasure

This architectural gem hosted the biggest names of the 20th century and witnessed Cuba's every historical twist and turn.

Five stars, eight floors, and 80 years of history: the Hotel Nacional de Cuba is a titan. Built in 1930, it is emblematic of the architecture of the time.

This majestic palace, overlooking the sea, was inaugurated on the evening of 30 December 1930, and the ball given for the occasion has entered the realm of legend. Bombed three years later during a civil revolt, it remained one of the most fabulous hotels in the Americas, a host to stars, billionaires, and heads of state from around the world. It has seen its share of shady characters, too: in the 1950s it was privatized for a Mafia summit!

Now a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site, it has, since its inauguration, pampered guests in cosy, elegant guest rooms and sublime suites. The pleasant courtyard, where guests eat breakfast, and the sumptuous ballroom only add to the feeling of bygone luxury.

Hotel Nacional de Cuba
Calle 21 y O
10400 La Habana

+53 7 8363564

Rooms: from 340 CUC