Illum Original Coffee, a coffee shop and a view!

must-go-to - panorama
Illum Original Coffee, a coffee shop and a view!

Gain height and discover Copenhagen from another perspective: head to Illum Original Coffee's terrace to try a delicious coffee made in Denmark!

Before discovering the incredible views of Copenhagen, head through the Illum department store, a Scandinavian design temple dedicated to shopping and the pleasures of fine dining. After slowing down in front of its luxury shops, the scent of roasted coffee beans will lead you up to the top floor. There, you will find the largest rooftop in the Danish capital, with six restaurants and the teak terrace of the famous Illum Original Coffee.
Inside, the clinking of percolators sets the pace for agile baristas who, behind the counter, prepare the best coffee in the city. Arabica and Robusta are served in ristretto and Americano form, while the surface of a cappuccino reveals the features of a beautiful drawing in the foam of the milk. Get comfortably seated among the soft cushions of colourful benches dressing this cosy and bright space. The panorama is so beautiful and coffee so delicious that you will not see time pass.

Illum Original Coffee
Østergade 52
1001 København K

+45 33 14 40 02

Coffee: from 35 DKK