Karaköy Lokantasi, a chic restaurant with divine mezze

Karaköy Lokantasi, a chic restaurant with divine mezze

In a street parallel to the popular Karaköy pier filled with little food stalls, Karaköy Lokantasi is a favourite restaurant to many locals.

As you enter Karaköy Lokantasi, you will be immediately seduced by the beautiful interior. Though openly contemporary, the restaurant has preserved a local touch by using the wonderful turquoise blue of Turkish tiles. In the centre of the large dining room is a spiral staircase leading to another large dining room, giving the place the appearance of a French brasserie.

After greeting you at the entrance, the waitress leads you to your table stopping at the meze stall on the way. The menu, which changes daily, offers Ottoman cuisine with some creative touches. In addition to the cold or hot mezzes, try the manti – a kind of Turkish dumpling stuffed with lamb or ground beef and seasoned with spices - or izgara köfte, grilled meatballs typical of Istanbul cuisine. To finish on a sweet note, order a semolina pudding with cream. A delight!

Karaköy Lokantasi
Kemankes Cad. No 37/A
34425 Karaköy

+90 212 292 44 55


Menu: around 80 TRY