Konnubio, the chic landmark of Florence

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Konnubio, the chic landmark of Florence

Hidden on a small quiet street, just a few metres from the San Lorenz Basilica, Konnubio offers the best of Tuscany.

In the very city centre of Florence, and more importantly, far from the touristy bustle that drives the “Lys City”, this small restaurant, where dim light illuminates a room with chic and rustic decoration, is a must-try. In the morning, Konnubio's breakfast mixes a classic buffet of local products and typical Italian pastries. Midday, you will enjoy a menu whose simplicity does not detract from the special attention that chef Beatrice Segoni brings to the preparation of her dishes. For dinner, the menu is enlarged to take you to the heart of the Italian boot. Dare to try, for example, the veal cheeks served with lemony potato mash and fried spinach. As for the wine, take recommendations from Simone Loguercio, their wine specialist, elected the best sommelier in Tuscany in 2018. Becoming more and more popular each day, the establishment is often full in the evenings, and reservations are therefore in order. Otherwise, you will wait while sipping on a glass of prosecco – with moderation – to the sound of jazz music. If not, you can still join Konnubio's “cocktail bar” party, another way to discover the country!

Via dei Conti 8r
50123 Firenze

+39 055 238 1189


Menu: from 40 EUR