La Fabrica, the alchemy of flavours

La Fabrica, the alchemy of flavours

World-famous epicurean and maker of Vescovato cheese, Michel Pierucci and his companion, Madeleine Renucci, have preserved the stone arches of this spot to create an opulent, gourmet address.

Carefully decorated with raw wood tables, metal chairs and club armchairs providing a warm and inviting atmosphere, La Fabrica welcomes you!

Mirroring the seasons and what may be found in the market, the slate features dishes as generous as they are delicious. Treat yourself to the pumpkin risotto with truffle pecorino, milk calf rib steak with girolle mushrooms, or a veal stuffadu with olives.

But the reputation of the house is found in the cheese selection, which you must not hesitate to sample. For a sweet note, try the panna brocciu or fiadone. And if you want to extend your pleasure, take away a souvenir taste from La Fabrica's creamery, featuring 110 different varieties of cheese.

La Fabrica
1, boulevard du Général-Giraud
20200 Bastia

+33 (0)4 95 58 32 95

Menu: around 40 EUR