Lake Shichahai, symbol of Old Beijing

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Lake Shichahai, symbol of Old Beijing

And why not take a boat tour on Lake Shichahai?

Once a port at the end of the canal linking Beijing and Hangzhou under the Yuan dynasty, Lake Shichahai is now an excellent tourism destination. With an area of 147 hectares, there are actually three lakes: Houbai, Qianhai and Xihai. Located in the heart of the city, those who stroll there will find hutongs, historical residences, cafés, and restaurants...

In summer, you can explore the lake on a small or pedal boat, or even canoe along the shore. In the winter, put on your skates and get out on the ice. Nearby, you will find various activities that will add to your visit of the neighbourhood: the lotus market, a typical street of old Beijing, the house of the poet Guo Moruo, the palace of Prince Gong, the Guo Shoujing Museum, the Bell and Drum Towers, the Guanghua Temple, an important Buddhist sanctuary, or the house of Soong Ching-ling. Today, Shichahai is the trendy part of the capital and a place to relax for the Pekinese in the evening.

Lake Shichahai

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