Las Terrazas: a nature lover's paradise near Havana

Las Terrazas: a nature lover's paradise near Havana

Not far from the capital lies a small village in the heart of a nature preserve. 

Tempted by eco-tourism? Try the pioneer village of Las Terrazas in the UNESCO classified nature reserve of Sierra Del Rosario, about 50 kilometres from Havana.

Built on the ruins of a coffee plantation, it is home to more than 800 protected plants and 70 endangered species of birds. Founded in 1968 by a handful of Cubans anxious about the ravages of deforestation, the village of whitewashed houses circling a beautiful lake is a model of sustainable development and environmental preservation. It has a number of craft shops and small restaurants serving local organic dishes.

A great green getaway, it is perfect for exploring the flora and fauna of Cuba, while spending a relaxing day far from the bustle of the city.

Comunidad Las Terrazas
Pinar del Río

+53 048 578600