Looking for street art in Manchester

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Looking for street art in Manchester

As a city renowned around the world for its street art, Manchester puts today's trendy graffiti artists in the spotlight.

While walking around alternative Northern Quarter, it is hard to pass by these frescoes, some of gigantic proportions, covering the street corners in the heart of Manchester. Since the Cities of Hope Festival in 2016, Manchester has become a landmark of street art, its walls covered by major figures: C215, Tankpetrol, Akse… The artists conceive huge murals, especially around Piccadilly Gardens and on Tib Street, displaying various references to pop culture, as well as in the Ancoats district, bordering Northern Quarter.

In the world of street art, landscapes change rapidly: a graffiti may disappear overnight and be replaced by a new one. Some frescoes put up some resistance, like the iconic portrait of David Bowie on Stevenson Square, or the giant chickadee spread over Port Street's red-brick wall. Venture out and look for them randomly, or during a tour set up by the Art Battle Manchester art group.