Mackie Mayor, from old market to new temple of gastronomy

Mackie Mayor, from old market to new temple of gastronomy

At the heart of an exceptional monument in Manchester's Northern Quarter, Mackie Mayor presents a large selection of products in a festive canteen atmosphere.

In Northern Quarter, Mackie Mayor is a trendy canteen where different styles of street food are being prepared, using local and seasonal products. Under a glass ceiling and gigantic Victorian archways, seats at the long, shared tables fill up quite fast, whether in hall or upstairs. All around the atrium, various stands give you a choice to try their own specialities.

The Grade II location (British listing of particularly important buildings of more than special interest) used to house a large covered market in the 19th century. Today, everybody gathers to enjoy original pizzas, Taiwanese baos (small stuffed and steamed brioches), traditional fish & chips, or weekend brunches… Mancunians love to come together and share moments of pure friendliness. Mackie Mayor is particularly lively after work hours, when colleagues set the world to rights, a glass in hand – yet in moderation. Wine bar or biergarten, which will it be?

Mackie Mayor
1 Eagle Street
Manchester M4 5BU

+44 (0)161 111 1111

Menu: around 14 GBP