Mein Haus Am See, ideal headquarters

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Mein Haus Am See, ideal headquarters

A bar that offers large armchairs, great atmosphere and caring staff for a low price. An idea of happiness, right?

In this typical spot of the German capital, you have your choice of setting: whether at the counter, sitting at a low table in the main room or up in the rows of seats, comfortable in plump armchairs padded with cushions. Whether for a coffee around noon, a beer after work or a last drink as the early morning sun rises, the atmosphere is at once trendy and relaxed. Displaying bookshelves at the entrance, rock graffiti in the bathroom and a dance track in the basement, this is a truly unusual spot. The establishment is completely at ease with that notion, showcasing the "not a bar, not a club - something sexier in between" slogan. At night, take a break between non-stop electro concerts to find nice snacks. Live the Berlin experience until the end of the night!

Mein Haus Am See
Brunnenstraße 197-198
10119 Berlin

+49 (0)163 555 8033

Menu: from 5.50 EUR