Neapolitan Shopping

Neapolitan Shopping

Indulge in Italian elegance in boutiques along the shoreline or from the more modestly priced shops in adjoining streets.

Shopping in Naples mainly centres on two streets: via Toledo and via Chiaia. Built in 1536 to mark the limits of the old town from the part where Spanish troops were being stationed, Via Toledo now runs on 1.2 km from Piazza Dante and extends to the seafront. A pedestrian street between Piazza Carità and Piazza Trieste e Trento, it is as lively as you can imagine, a perfect place for a shopping spree, lined with big and small clothing and shoe stores at friendly prices.

As for Via Chiaia, hugging the waterfront, it is the chic showcase of fashion and luxury in Naples. Make a stop at Tramontano, shop dedicated to high end leather goods. There, you will also find any number of new designers and stylists. It is also the place to visit for lovers of antiques and home decor.

Via Chiaia 143
80121 Napoli

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