Nolan, at the crossroads of the Mediterranean and Asia

fusion – bistronomic
Nolan, at the crossroads of the Mediterranean and Asia

A stone's throw from the Parthenon, Nolan is a restaurant that gracefully blends Mediterranean specialities and Chinese-Vietnamese street foods in dishes for sharing.

Sharing food is a central part of the experience in this bistro right in the centre of Athens. At Nolan's, there is no menu displaying the regular "starters/mains/desserts", but a seasonal selection of about twenty dishes. Behind the marble bar of the open kitchen, the young chef offers recipes that tell of his own personal story, highlighting his Greek, German and Asian roots.

Mediterranean flavours and inspirations from Vietnamese and Chinese street foods find their way onto your plate. In a cosy atmosphere, families and groups of friends share meals comprised of clams with peanuts, fragrant shrimp and anchovies in rice paper, as well as various vegetables served with soudjouk (spicy Greek sausage) and skipjack tuna, for everyone to try. Nolan's bistronomic cuisine already ranks among Athens' most trendy, yet the restaurant has managed to keep it simple. And it is for you to enjoy!

Voulis 31-33
105 57 Athens

+30 210 324 3545

Menu: around 25 EUR