On the roofs of the “Seven Sisters” of Moscow

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On the roofs of the “Seven Sisters” of Moscow

Built in the early 1950s under the leadership of Stalin, the ‘Seven Sisters' reign over Moscow and now form part of its historical heritage.

From the height of their 17, 24 or 36 floors, the skyscrapers of Moscow proudly defy the horizontality of the city and remind the Russians of the absolute power exercised then by ‘the little father of the peoples'. Also known as the Iron Man, Stalin wanted to erect a Moscow skyline that could rival that of North America. His architects thus built a state university, housing complexes, government buildings and luxury hotels: a total of seven towers in Baroque, Gothic and Orthodox styles.

The Smolenskaya-Sennaya, Kutuzovsky Prospekt and the Leningradskaya stand side by side in the foggy sky of Moscow, crowned by spires similar to the towers of the Kremlin and their stars. The buildings receive many distinctions and the plans of the eighth building, the skyscraper Zariadié that did not see the day here, were used to build the Palace of Culture and Science of Warsaw. Do you have vertigo?

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