Outro Lado, recipes with vegetable sauces

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Outro Lado, recipes with vegetable sauces

In Faro town centre, this restaurant takes all the classics of Portuguese gastronomy and revisits them in a vegan version.

At Outro Lado, situated in a quiet little alleyway in Faro town centre, a stone's throw from the marina and from Jardim Manuel Bivar, vegetables are totally compatible with gastronomic culture and complex flavours. The restaurant embraces traditional Portuguese recipes and revisits them in stunning vegetarian versions, using local produce.

For example, bitoque, a staple recipe in Lusitanian gastronomy consisting of a piece of steak topped by a fried egg accompanied by chips, is cooked using seitan (made from wheat proteins) for the steak, a “vegan egg” (vegetable proteins), sweet potato chips and vegan mayonnaise. Other examples are bacalhoada, a salt cod ragout that is made with tofu here, and feijoada, a kind of cassoulet from Brazil, which combines kidney beans, mushrooms and butternut squash. Before diving in and enjoying one of these dishes, start by sharing a cheese board made up of vegan cheeses - for example, made from a base of soya, walnuts, cashews or almonds! With these ingenious adaptations, Outro Lado demonstrates that vegan cuisine can very easily be delicious, local and respectful of the region.

Outro Lado
Travessa da Madalena 6
8000-461 Faro

Tel : +351 911 000 359


Prices: around 15 EUR