Panama, a fairy tale turned restaurant

Panama, a fairy tale turned restaurant

Located on the unmissable Potsdamer Straße in Berlin, Panama has fast become a reference for fusion food.

The restaurant's first influence comes from a children's book, Oh, Wie schön ist Panana (Oh, How Beautiful Panama Is). In this tale, author Horst Eckert - pen name Janosch - tells the story of a bear and a tiger looking for a paradise called "Panama". In Berlin, chef Sophia Rudolph follows the same goal, this time transposed in the world of gastronomy. Her menu, changing every season, unveils local products combined with exotic inspirations.
You will find food groups thematically listed: "raw" (Hohenlohe beef tartare), "flowers and leaves" (coconut and sesame cream eggplant), "seeds and vegetables" (pea soup, kimchi and chorizo), "fish and meat" (salt-marsh shoulder of lamb, tamarind and string beans)… On the patio or the bright and stylish indoor dining room, you will discover this sophisticated cuisine with Panamanian overtones, available for dinner only.

Potsdamer Straße 91
10785 Berlin

+49 (0)30 983 208 435

Menu: around 37 EUR