Pleasure and simplicity at Trattoria U Fucularu

Pleasure and simplicity at Trattoria U Fucularu

Relish a refined cuisine in this typical trattoria and fulfil your every need of Mediterranean flavours.

A convivial atmosphere reigns in this family inn located at the heart of Catania's historic centre. Featuring exposed stone walls, the rustic style of the decoration is nothing short of refined. As an appetizer, succumb to the famous buffet of antipasti - delicacies prepared with meat, fish or vegetables you savour before the main course. The delicious mozzarella, supplied directly from a local producer, deserves a special mention!
Next, indulge in the remarkable grilled food of this region - such as breaded horse filet, veal steak or pork chops - paired with an excellent local wine, and for a very reasonable price. You may want to end on a sweet note by having a lemon sorbet or a white chocolate fondant. All of these specialities are to be tried in the small, yet pleasant terrace situated next to the must-see duomo. Become a true Sicilian over lunch!

Trattoria U Fucularu
Via Euplio Reina, 20
95131 Catania

+39 393 385 5925

Menu: around 17 EUR