Pretend you're an explorer in the Alta Rocca

Pretend you're an explorer in the Alta Rocca

The benefits of wild and beautiful nature

The Alta Rocca has a powerful allure with its mountainous terrain. Spectacular scenery just keeps coming, like the Aiguilles de Bavella and the many villages full of charm. One of the routes takes you to Zonza, located at 1,200 metres altitude. The famous GR 20 trail crosses the Alta Rocca and beautiful stops line the path: the sheepfolds, ancient shrines, and pretty villages will delight hikers.

The more literary might consider a stroll in the footsteps of Prosper Mérimée, who gave French culture Colomba, the most Corsican of heroines, who was born in the village of Fozzano in 1775.

An incarnation of the concept of ‘vendetta', the girl actually existed, and the writer discovered her story during a trip he made to Corsica as an inspector of historical monuments. He fell in love with its inhabitants and the region, whose ‘unspoilt nature' he loved. Merimée's house remains a place to visit.