Quan An Ngon 138: typically Vietnamese

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Quan An Ngon 138: typically Vietnamese

Across from the Independence Palace, Quan An Ngon 138 allows you to discover the diversity of Vietnamese cuisine at unbeatable prices.

Located in a huge pale ochre colonial home, Quan An Ngon 138 is set up inside like a traditional house in ‘Ruong' style, with painted wooden balustrades, furniture with subtle inlaid pearl present everywhere on the stairs, balconies, and tables.

This restaurant was established around the idea of ​​bringing together in one place many chefs in the city who excel in a particular dish. So you are guaranteed to taste typical Vietnamese dishes. The challenge is to choose from a wide and varied assortment that includes not only pho (beef) or lau (crab) soup and grilled meats, but also banh xeo (rice pancake), muc xao (fried squid) tom hap dua (shrimp steamed in coconut juice) or banh cuon (spring rolls). Quan An Ngon 138 gives you all of Vietnam on a plate!

Quan An Ngon 138
138 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia
70000 Ho Chi Minh-Ville

+84 (0)8 38 25 71 79


Menu: around 260,000 VND