Rosslyn Chapel: the Templar legend

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Rosslyn Chapel: the Templar legend

Located 12 kilometres south of Edinburgh, this enigmatic chapel was popularised by the novel ‘The Da Vinci Code' and by the film of the same name shot ​​inside its walls.

Built in 1446 by Lord William St Clair, Rosslyn Chapel is the most mysterious building in Scotland. It has puzzled clerics and other scholars for centuries. Its architecture reveals many symbols and allegorical images, and its walls are covered with paintings depicting knights, a nativity scene, and Lucifer hung upside down by his feet… None of this is all that surprising: Lord William St Clair was a Freemason.
Knights Templar legends still fire the imaginations of visitors. It was after visiting Rosslyn Chapel in 2001 that Dan Brown had the idea for what later became The Da Vinci Code. Even more surprising are sculptural elements representing corncobs dating from 1460—well before the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. How is this possible? To date, no explanation has been found…

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