Soroa, in the heart of Cuban nature

Soroa, in the heart of Cuban nature

One hour west of Havana lies the charming village of Soroa in a lush natural setting, in the province of Pinar del Río.

Riddled with mountains and valleys, the Pinar del Río region lies just 100 kilometres from Havana. Enjoy hikes in the surrounding nature, an opportunity to take in a breath of fresh air. Soroa is an excellent starting point for your expedition in the region. First visit the orchid garden – El Oquidiario – which has made the village famous. Here you can discover more than 700 species of orchids from all over the world, only some of which are endemic to the island. Since flowering takes place around November, the best time to visit is in the ensuing weeks.

After the garden, go on an adventure around the village, climbing up the Mirador, a hill that rises up to 250 metres and from which you will enjoy a wonderful view of the region.

Finally, you will have to venture off to find the del Arco Iris waterfall, a magnificent 20-metre waterfall from where you will almost certainly see a rainbow.

Pinar del Río Province

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