St. Mark's Square: a must

St. Mark's Square: a must

Quite simply because Venice would not be Venice without the Piazza San Marco!

Gondolas are moored at the molo (jetty). On the edge of a shimmering lagoon, this is the only square in Venice to be called 'piazza'. All the others are referred to as 'campi'. Bounded by the old Procuratie, huge white-stone arcades circling this emblematic Venetian location, and the Doge's Palace, protected by its belfry and its basilica, St. Mark's Square is the scene of a political, economic, and artistic play that has been held without interruption for centuries, and which has made it famous forever.

Today, it is the diva. It is loved by some and decried by others, but ignored by no one. At each visit, there is the same ritual: a hot chocolate at Café Florian, or a Bellini cocktail at the Terrazza Danieli, while allowing yourself to be gently swept away by the setting for the world's most romantic sunsets.

And do not forget to feed the pigeons, as it seems they bring good luck.

Piazza San Marco
30124 Venezia