Stubborn Seed, the refinement of gastronomy

Stubborn Seed, the refinement of gastronomy

On Washington Avenue, the Stubborn Seed restaurant is a hit with Florida foodies. Discover an exceptional establishment.

In the kitchen is Jeremy Ford, winner of the 13th American season of Top Chef! With Stubborn Seed, this young thirty-something has opened his first restaurant, where contemporary design mixes with Art Deco style, warmed by the brown and ochre tones of the furniture. The dishes prepared with undeniable perfection delight the eyes and meet your expectations: on the menu, homemade pasta stuffed with asparagus and aged parmesan, organic chicken with truffle butter and gnocchi, lobster in green curry served with caramelised cauliflower... Or perhaps you will be tempted by the five-course menu? Dare to indulge, because at Stubborn Seed it is worth it!

The marriage of flavours is perfectly realised in all the dishes that are proposed to you and each bite will lead you to the seventh heaven of gastronomy.

Stubborn Seed
101 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

+1 786 322 5211

Menu: from 55 USD