Swimming in the natural basins of rivers

Swimming in the natural basins of rivers

Corsica is a land of mountains, and swimming can also be practiced in the clear waters of the regional rivers.

Natural pools, waterfalls, there is a lot to do! These fiume, as they are called here, do indeed originate in the heart of the mountain range that crosses from one side of the island to the other, for the most part in one of the high-altitude lakes.

Take Solenzara for example, a small village a few kilometres from Bonifacio, from where it is possible to follow the river of the same name. Vast emerald green pools and natural diving spots are a true delight. The Aïtone forest, near the village of Evisa, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful landscapes in the south of the island. It is home to several tree species, including the splendid Laricio pine of Corsica.

At the heart of the 4,000-hectare wide forest, there are a few hidden waterfalls and natural pools, reserved for the temerarious, since the water temperature rarely exceeds 11°C (51°F), even in summer!

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